Sunday, August 15, 2010

Montana Summer

We no sooner got to Florida, did some quick unpacking, set up the office, signed the papers to close on the house and took off. First to Pennsylvania for my Mom's birthday and a visit and then on to Montana for at least a month to keep cool and unwind from all the driving, packing, unpacking and stress from a cross country move.

There is hardly a nicer place to spend the summer than Montana. It has a dry climate and being in the mountains, where I was, the nights are cool and pleasant so no air conditioner is required. Nature provides the AC around these parts. The weather was perfect and every few days we would get an afternoon thunder shower. If only the mushrooms would have cooperated better.

My digs for this summer was an old homesteader cabin on Deep Creek in Paradise Valley. There is a main house and then a couple cabins that have been made very comfortable on the inside although the outside looks virtually untouched as it should. Listening to Deep Creek every night, lulling me to sleep was intoxicating. It was just cool enough at night to want a light blanket and all was right with the world. The stress melted off quickly and I was back in my element and loving every minute of my precious Montana. If only winters didn't last so long, I would have stayed there forever. But alas, Sarasota is going to be an awesome place to spend the winter so I'm happy about that. We will work on a more permanent solution for Montana summers.

Here are some photos of the highlights of our trip including the road trip along the way.