Friday, July 3, 2009


This morning my boat for the first time all week was the first one out and on the lookout for dorado. Just a short distance from shore we saw a sailfish so stopped to see if we could entice him to the fly rod but to no avail so on we went. We managed to find a nice big piece of floating sargasso (seaweed) and tons and I do mean lots and lots of dorado. They were all over the place and we had them all to ourselves! We had several hookups and landed several fish each before 7am even, I've never seen anything like it. You didn't even need to cast the fly, there were so many, they hit the fly just the second it hit the water. It wasn't too long before we were found out and all the other boats converged onto the spot we'd found first but before that happened, I'd hooked up with a monster bull dorado and was well into my backing before the hoards moved in. It took me a good 45 + minutes to land this fish which was so big it didn't even register on our Bogagrip scale. The guide figures it went well over 40 pounds! Just one day of fishing left.
(all the fish in today's post were caught by me) I seem to be the only person on the boat who knows how to take a decent photo so not many photos of me!


drfugawe said...

Ahh, so you did make it SOB - love those dorado - when we do our winter sojourn, we're over on the mainland (Chacala), not far from San Blas. Dorado is the least expensive fish in the market, not because it isn't delicious, but because there's just lot of it! I could eat it every day.
How's the wind? Hope you're having fun - looks like it.

ladyflyfsh said...

Hi doc, It's never windy in the mornings in the summer months unless there is a storm brewing. It was extremely hot like it can be though. Fishing was good and everyone in the group was happy. We ate some dorado and took it to a local restaurant where the owner cooked it 4 different ways including appetizers.