Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pig Roast Montana Style

My friend Ann just had a huge birthday bash and invited over 100 of her closest friends! It was an all weekend affair with people camping all over the place in tents, trailers etc. I live close enough so just stayed put in my Aristocrat with the kids (dog and cat).

Friday was full of games for all who were staying up there, kids and older folk alike had to participate in the games. Ann's version of Deal or No Deal with a $100 bill in one of the "suitcases" (really a lunch bag). Myles was the banker and tried to persuade people to trade their bag for a prize but most were a no go. Everyone picked a bag starting with the youngest to oldest then one by one in order from the lowest number we opened our bags. Wouldn't you know that the first to pick (also the youngest) got the $100 prize. Wow, what a cutie!

The next day, Saturday was the big river float. The pig roast guy was up there early to get the fire started and get the pig on the spit. Can you believe it took three cords of firewood to cook that thing? And to boot, it was the hottest day of the year thus far. But a good day to float the Jefferson River. I think we were about 20 in all floating the river in everything from drift boats to inflatable kayaks, canoes etc. I would have liked to do some fishing but this was not meant to be a serious float by any means. We floated, swam, picnicked and then headed back to get ready for the BIG party.

By the time I got back up the mountain, the pig was done and resting comfortably. Next onto the spit were some big beef roasts while we got all the rest of the food ready for the masses. Little by little everyone started showing up, young and old. Maggie the Wonder Dog had lots of doggie friends to play with and still has pig juice on the back of her neck from standing under the table while they were carving the pig. I guess I'm going to have to get the scissors out to cut the glued hair away!

There was a ton of good food, lots of interesting people to chat with and everyone had a great time. I can still taste that first bite of pork with the crackled skin still in was that good!

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