Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Off in Auckland

Today I had the day free to roam about Auckland so I decided to go sailing on an America's Cup yacht around Auckland Harbour. We left Auckland around 2:00 pm and sailed for a few hours getting back around 4:00. The weather was gorgeous although we could have used a bit more wind. All in all a great day and some beautiful rainbows to boot.

SailNZ has lots of activities from dolphin and whale tours to a few different sailing options. Or you can race on an America's Cup yacht. Everyone gets involved if you so choose. There are "grinders" needed to operate the different sails.

Or if you'd like to take the helm, you are more than welcome to take your turn driving. Anyone who wants to participate is encouraged to do so. It's a great time on the water and I highly recommend it.

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