Monday, May 31, 2010

Road Trippin'

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I am buying a house in Florida and will soon start spending winters on the sunny shores of the sunshine coast and summers back in good 'ole SW Montana, with the rivers and mountains. This is how I've wanted it to be for years but only recently was it even a possibility. Now that the deal is about done, it's time for us gals to hop in the rig and drive to Florida. So we are rounding up all the unusual suspects for this road trip. There of course is Maggie the Wonder Dog, Mad Maddy from Montanny (the kitty) and then of course Thelma (Darlene) and Louise...that would be me. I'm not expecting the cops to be following us clear across country but then you never know, do you?

We are heading out first thing in the morning so will report back along the way. Our journey will take us from Oregon through Ogden, UT, through parts of Iowa and Nebraska, St. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, Ga and then our new home. I can smell the salt air already and dreaming of palm trees and bonefish! There will be lots of new adventures to write about so stay tuned.

Louise, Thelma, Mad Maddy and of course the fab Maggie the Wonder Dog.......

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