Thursday, October 14, 2010

Red Bug Slough

I took a long bicycle ride today through Red Bug Slough which is a 72 acre preserve and remnant piece of natural Florida nestled in the midst of suburban Sarasota.  Imagine this beautiful preserve in the middle of Sarasota!  There is a ton of wildlife from all kinds of birds including osprey and bald eagles, to otters, alligators, limpkins, anhinga, turtles etc.
Here are some photos from today's bike ride:

Huge old oak trees
Anhinga drying his wings off
see if you can see the baby turtle in the photo
it's a red bug but not what the slough is named for
can you see the baby to the back of the mommy turtle?

can you believe someone lives here?
Spanish moss

1 comment:

drfugawe said...

I see you're getting into the subtle beauty of Florida - sometimes scrub pine and palmettos get in the way, but if you keep your eyes open, you'll find it.

Nice to see you're keeping busy - hope you're having fun too.