Monday, April 11, 2011

Chicky, Chicky Baby

When I lived in Montana, I raised chickens for the fresh eggs which I have missed something awful since selling my home and 2.5 acres there. I worried about having chickens in a place that has hot, humid summers and hurricanes, tons of rain etc. but so many people here have them with little to no issues, I figured why not? So, after a ton of researching and shopping around for feed supply stores, I found a local place where I could buy some baby chicks (peeps). In the past I've purchased from McMurray Hatchery but you need to have a minimum order of ten to order from them so I went with the local shop that pretty much had what I wanted. Although I did want some Americauna's which weren't going to be available until the end of March and I didn't want to wait that long. What I did end up with was two Buff Orpington, two Rhode Island Red and two Barred Rock pullets. At least I hope they are all hens. I'm a bit concerned about one of the buff's which is considerably larger in size than it's partner! Please, please, please don't be a rooster!!

Next deed to be accomplished was a home for the babies once they outgrew their cardboard box.  I found a local guy who builds chicken coops and had him build me one that would work for the size of my yard and number of chickens I had to raise.  This is nothing compared to the palatial estate my Montana girls had but it would have to do for Sarasota, FL!

As soon as the babies were big enough to handle being outside with night time temps in the 50's, I transferred them and their heat lamp to the great outdoors where they have been ever since.  They are getting big now and hopefully should be laying eggs by late July or early August.

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