Monday, December 19, 2011

The New Blue Babies

I have two new girls to add to the family.  They are purebred Ameraucana chickens and are the sweetest, gentlest chickens I've ever owned.  They will lay pure blue eggs (once they start laying eggs).  This breed comes in different color variations but my favorite is what is referred to as "blue" which is what these babies are.  Belle is on the left and Abigail on the right.  As they get old enough to lay eggs, I will be replacing the others who are a bit too much for me to handle, with more Ameraucana's.  I think there is a huge difference between pure bred, locally raised and the baby chicks you buy through a mail order house or get at the local feed supply store (which came from a mail order house). There is no comparison to the difference in their personalites and gentle and calm demeanor compared to the others who are just hyper and amazingly destructive.

I know there is a pecking order but the bigger hens are just plain mean and obnoxious to these blue babies so their days are numbered here.  They are not quite a year old themselves, so I will have no problem finding them a home since the city ordinance in Sarasota has been passed to allow backyard chickens.

Follow up:  Belle laid her first egg and it's a beauty!


Mycologista said...

These are VERY HANDSOME birds! I'd love to see their blue eggs.

ladyflyfsh said...

the first blue egg was just laid a few days ago! I'll post a followup shot.