Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventure Day in Queenstown

Yesterday was Nery's birthday so she invited some local business friends over to dinner to meet me. One couple, the owners of Glenorchy Air invited me to go with them on a scenic flight from Queenstown to Fox Glacier. I eagerly accepted and this morning, Nery and I went for a fly.

We arrived back at the airport and after a quick safety check and safety vests on we were ready to take off on our journey to the glacier. The weather in Queenstown was heavy overcast and cold but the forecast at the coast was sunny and clear so off we went. We started off looking like we were going to fly into a big cloud of fog and crash into a mountain but Robert our pilot and owner of Glenorchy Air decided visibility was not good enough so we pulled up, did a hard bank to the left and turned around and looked for another passage over the mountains which we found and we were on our way.

Once we got to a certain point, the skies cleared and the sun was shining and we were surrounded by snowy mountain peaks, glaciers and the most stunning views on the South Island.

On arrival at Fox Glacier we walked to a cafe for a cup of coffee and short break then we piled back into the plane and flew back along the gorgeous coastline back to Queenstown.

Once I got back to Queenstown I had only moments to get back into town, up the skyline gondola and down to the tree house to the ZipTrek for my next adventure of the day. ZipTrek is a series of four zip lines through the Douglas Fir trees high above Queenstown. All tied in to the ecology and giving a tour along the way the tour guides explain how you can do your part to preserve the land and how they are doing their part. It was fun, informative, thrilling and very well done.

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