Saturday, January 8, 2011

Orchids, Orchids, Orchids!

Who doesn't love orchids?  I know people think they are very difficult to grow but really, most of them are not that difficult with the right light.  Phalaenopsis are the easiest and I think paphiopedilum are not too difficult either to grow and get to bloom again.  The tough guys are cattleyas which are much more temperamental and like being outdoors in warm tropical climates.  Now that I have a home in FL, I will try my hand once again at growing these corsage orchids outdoors.  I've been told all you need to do is tie or hang them from a tree and squirt water at them once in a while and they will bloom!  I'm not sure how correct that is, but I'm willing to give it a try.

This morning was the opening of the first day of the big Sarasota Orchid Society Orchid Show and Sale.  I, of course, was the first paying customer in the door!  That made it easier to shoot photos of the gorgeous orchids in the show and also get to the sale tables before they got massacred.  Here are some photos from the show.  Enjoy!


drfugawe said...

Never tried growing orchids outdoors, but I can remember being amazed at the beautiful bromeliads that used to blow down out of the trees during a hurricane - beautiful things!

ladyflyfsh said...

It's great to have the orchids outside but every once in a while when the temps drop I have to bring them inside at night. We've had some damaging hard frosts this winter already and we've only just begun. It's gorgeous today though! Nice to see you doc.