Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Entoloma Hochstetteri

If you recall my post from last May when I was in New Zealand on business, I managed to sneak away for a short period to photograph a stunning blue mushroom found only in New Zealand.  On my return, I was asked to write a story about my quest to find that mushroom and to send photos along as well, to Fungi Magazine.  Well, the new magazine issue is out and so is my story and a few photos.  I will post it here so you all can read it.  If you are a true mushroom enthusiast as I am, you should subscribe to FUNGI Magazine so you won't miss an issue.  It is well worth the money for the subscription. (click on full screen to read the story)


drfugawe said...

Congratulations, Mary Smiley, on being published and for a fine article - good job, girl!

ladyflyfsh said...

Thank you, John. It was easy and fun to write and now I need a new muse! I'm still looking for Lactarius indigo which I hear grows down here so hopefully I will find it this year. Coming from a writer, that's a nice complement.