Friday, July 7, 2017

And Awaaaay we go!

After spending all of April, May and June in Kennett Square, PA my home away from home and now my sister's house since my Mom died, it was finally time. I had to wait for my Airstream to be built at the factory in Ohio and it was finally finished on June 1st. Then it had to be delivered to the dealer in New Jersey where I could go pick it up, take the 2 hour run through and then drive her the two hours back to Kennett Square. Then came registering it at DMV, insuring, getting all my bills on autopay, license plates, loading, packing, moving stuff around and all the things one has to do to live permanently on the road. I am a very organized person, and it is very much a part of what my job entails, but I've never tried to tackle anything this complicated, ever.

The weather finally lifted, the fog cleared and we were finally on our way. Our first long stay stop is Southwest Montana, where Maddy and I lived before Florida. My porcini patch awaits us and it will be Ruby's first time hunting mushrooms. It is time for her to learn the ropes. Maggie was a stupendous mushroom dog, so Ruby has some mighty large paw prints to fill.

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