Friday, July 7, 2017

First Night on the Open Road

We got a late start leaving Kennett Square and then came the arduous task of getting to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. It means a drive through some of the most beautiful farm land in the state, through picturesque towns with quaint names like Bird-In-Hand, Paradise, Intercourse,  and Amish horse driven buggies. It is Amish country after all, just outside of Lancaster in prime farm country. Friday afternoon might not have been the best time to take off on a long trip, but you have to leave sometime and we were ready.

Finally reaching Harrisburg, we connected with the Turnpike and were really on our way. Not knowing how the Airstream would pull fully loaded, I wasn't planning to go too far the first day. I found an interesting State Forest on a phone app that looked like a great place to camp for the night, so I got off the turnpike and headed 10 or so miles out there. It was thick woods and as soon as we started getting deeper in the woods, I started noticing mushrooms everywhere. There were chanterelles growing on the side of the road. I stopped and jumped out to grab some and there was a car right behind me and no way to pull over to let the car by, so I couldn't stop and had to keep moving. Can you imagine the frustration of seeing mushrooms all around you and not being able to stop and pick them? AAACK! I never found anything that would have sufficed as a campsite and the ground was soft and I didn't want to chance getting stuck my first night. So, we drove back to town and found a dumpy little campground for the night. I was so frustrated but there will be time for mushrooms once we get closer. Right now, we just need to get to Montana.

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